James Pesci
I have been trying to get a copy of your 2016 National Geographic "Red Fox on a beach" for my new home in the South Jersey Coast. Finally by chance,I happen on your web site and after may hours of searching see I can order on line!

I'm anxious to see the final results!
Cathy Jeremko(non-registered)
Courtney! You are truly amazing! I absolutely love your work. You will be such a success in the future - I have no doubt. I feel privileged to have taught you, and I treasure the photograph of the bluebird that you had given to me when you were in seventh grade.

Someday if you are over at the Middle School, you should come in and put your new "autograph" on my photo and we should also date it.

Much admiration, Mrs Jeremko
Mrs. Little(non-registered)
Beautiful photos Courtney! Your bird photos are definitely amazing. I love the one of the owl with his eyes closed. Very special. Keep up the great work :) I forsee you as a National Geographic photographer in no time!
The Chadwick Family, Apalachin, NY(non-registered)
We are bird watchers so we very much enjoyed the images on your website. Your work is beautiful and we look forward to seeing additional outstanding photos in the future.
Deb Moore(non-registered)
I find the images Courtney captures extremely inspiring. Thanks for sharing the treasure of your talent with us. The dedication to your passion of wildlife is highly exhibited in the art you share!
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